The Funniest Photographer You Know

Before you started recognizing him as Leon West in VEEP, and on every other comedy around for that matter, Brian Huskey was a photographer.  While in college at UNC-Greensboro he created, through threat of physical harm, a minor in photography and continued study at the International Center of Photography before getting sick of it and deciding to become one of the funniest people you know.

His Instagram feed is one of my favorites (prints of which you can purchase here) and he was generous enough to put together an edit for us*, and is also why he is so good at playing Terry Richardson’s rival.

ET Huskey 1 ET Huskey 2 ET Huskey 3 ET Huskey 4 ET Huskey 5 ET Huskey 6 ET Huskey 7 ET Huskey 8 ET Huskey 9 ET Huskey 10 ET Huskey 11 ET Huskey 12


* – I said ‘us’ but it’s really just me.  I don’t have employees or anything here.


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